LightHOP is a "Prayer Room" that also meets as a local church.  The Prayer Room is our focus.  One facet of what we pray grows from our time in the Prayer Room is a church that truly expresses Jesus' body. 

The concept of what we call our Prayer Room is Biblical.  From Genesis to Revelation, the theology of coming together boldly before the Throne of God, letting Him lead us to "one accord", is throughout the Scriptures.  It takes a little study to see it, but once you see the House of Prayer in the Bible, you really can't "unsee" it.  At LightHop, we have spent a few years developing some of these concepts and putting them into practice.  This page is simply a collection of what we think are basic essentials for understanding what we feel the Lord leading us to and why.  

To pray in the Prayer Room requires no experience, education, or initiation.  Anyone can do it!  But, there is a lot to know for those hungry to understand why the Prayer Room really is basic to a community-wide expression of Jesus' heart.  We pray you find the following collections of teaching and meetings helpful in your pursuit of Jesus!