LightHOP COVID-19 Meeting Policy, Updated 9/28/2020

If you test positive, or have had direct contact with a positive person for more than 15 mins in close contact, LightHOP requests that you refrain from meetings until:

A. 14 days have passed with no symptoms


B. You test negative

If you have COVID-like symptoms (stuffy nose, loss of taste or smell, sore throat and fever), LightHOP requests that you refrain from meetings until 14 days from last symptoms, or you test negative following the fever subsiding.


It is LightHOP's policy that: 

1. No one known to be positive for COVID-19,
2. No one currently or recently exhibiting a fever


3. No one having had direct close contact for more than 15 mins contact with a COVID positive person

Should be at a meeting until a negative test has been obtained OR 14 days from:

1. the symptoms subsiding (primarily the fever subsiding),
2. the date of a positive test, if you are asymptomatic

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